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Bitter Kola or Garcinia kola is a nut plant native to Africa. It is found all over Africa in countries like Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Mali. Bitter kola, as its name implies, has a strong, bitter and slightly tangy taste. Bitter Kola nut is eaten for leisure and as a part of the culture. In places all over Africa, chewing bitter kola is a part of the culture. For example, the Igbo tribes of Nigeria regularly eat bitter kola in important events like weddings and spiritual celebrations. Bitter Kola is also offered to spiritual gods in Africa. Besides its cultural use, bitter kola also has traditional medicinal properties. Bitter Kola has antimicrobial and antiparasitic benefits. It also contains natural laxatives and detox. Traditionally, bitter kola is used to treat colds, coughs and other infections of the throat.

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