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Refund policy

We’d like you to be happy with everything you purchase from UK Afrifoods. Should you change your mind about your purchase, please return the product to the delivery driver and we’ll happily offer a replacement or refund.

Please be aware that some products have different return time limits and exceptions when you change your mind. For specific return requirements and for information on how to return a product please refer to the relevant section below.

If you aren’t happy with any of your items, simply hand them back to your delivery driver at the time of delivery. We will then arrange for a refund to your payment card.

Our team of pickers do their best to choose only the freshest products with the longest expiry dates for you.

After delivery, unwanted items can be returned to our UK Afrifoods store. Simply bring your delivery note and we’ll happily offer a replacement or refund. For perishable food items, please return within its use-by date.

For further help and support with your order please email us

at Afrifoods@outlook.com

Need Help ?

Mail our support 24/7 at | Afrifoods@outlook.com

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