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2 pieces of Salted Koobi for £12 Koobi is tilapia salted dried fish in Ghana. The fish has an indigenous flavor in stews and soup in the Ghanaian local delicacies. It is used to prepare...


The powdered smoked dried fish is used frequently in Ghana and Nigeria cooking especially used to make shito and soups.


4 pieces for £5 Momone, also spelt momoni, is one of Ghana’s famous preserved fish ingredients. It is made from various fish, but also squid and octopus occasionally, by gutting and washing the fish then...


West African "Crayfish" are freshwater Shrimp (or Prawns, depending on your preferred terminology) and are not closely related to North American Crayfish, which are freshwater lobsters. The catch is predominantly of the three species listed...


Dried smoked shrimp or crayfish is a staple seasoning in most kitchens when cooking African cuisine.


Our large sun-dried and smoked shrimp imparts an incredibly delicious savory flavour to any dish it is added to. Renowned for this flavour, Smoked shrimp is a mainstay in many West African kitchens. It can be added whole or blended into...

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