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What You Need To Know About Yams

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Frequently Asked Questions

All items on our website are sourced locally. This means they are from their native sources. If it’s a Nigerian delicacy then we get the item from Nigeria or if it’s Ghanaian product, we get the product from Ghana. This is to ensure we are providing the most authentic products to you.

Yes, of course. You can make bulk as well as smaller individual orders. If you’re shopping and forget a few items of your list you can come back later and complete your shopping. It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering one or a hundred items, our store is open to you.

Currently, we are only delivery to addresses in London. Your order will arrive on Thursday, Friday or Saturday of the week you ordered. We do have ways you can track your package. We send the shipping information to your email as soon as your order is sent out.  You can monitor your order if you choose to. We also monitor all orders shipped out and ensure they get to you.

Our items are restocked every month. If a product you’d like to purchase is out of stock contact us : Afrifoods@outlook.com

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Mail our support 24/7 at | Afrifoods@outlook.com

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