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UK Afrifoods was born out of our personal need to access quality African food. We decided to create a traditional African online food store because we know how important quality is in African foods. UK Afrifoods is for the Africans all around the world who crave foods from home but are unable to access it. UK Afrifoods is here for those who need organic and naturally grown African food with no GMO’s. UK Afrifoods is also open to non-Africans who want to try out African delicacies for themselves. UK Afrifoods is for those who value genuine and natural African products.

African food store based in London – who wants to bring organic and local African foods right to your doorstep. Our food items are grown naturally. They are carefully selected to ensure you get the best consistently and constantly. Our food items are cultivated and harvested under ideal and ethical circumstances. Our other products such as the African black soap is also sourced and produced in Africa. Our goal is to make local African products International. Our variety of grain products are all carefully sifted and collected so you are rest assured that it is 100 percent pure. Our products include zero additives or artificial products that could tamper with the natural taste of our food items. We searched tirelessly for the most suitable farmers and producers so that our foods will be as natural as possible.

UK Afrifoods is focused on bridging the gap between African foods and Africans in the diaspora. With UK Afrifoods, African delicacies do not have to be saved for extremely special occasions. With us, you can enjoy African delicacies as often as you would like. With our unbelievably affordable prices and excellent service, it comes as no surprise that many clients already refer to us as their “favourite African online food store.”

Our range of products is vast. All of which are organically grown in West Africa. Some of them you know and love like Gari, Yam, Cocoyam. Delicious organic leaves like Ewedu, Sawasawa, water leaves, bitter leaves, and scent leaves for both cooking and medicinal uses. Spices such as cloves, aniseeds, and a host of other herbal products like the African black soap. These organic African foods provide a wide array of health benefits.

UK Afrifoods was born to fill the need for quality African foods. We are doing this by connecting to local African farmers and providing their premium products to our wonderful clients. With UK Afrifoods, you’re one step closer to organic African food.

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